Friday, May 27, 2011

my shibori.

going backwards, what happened in these 2 weeks...
fascinated with shibori. It takes me far away, to some different planet. It is a Japanese word for manipulating fabric before dyeing. I do shibori on the PVC pipe. Just wrap the fabric with a string on the pipe and compress it while you go. LOVE it. You can look at the fabric many many times and still find something new in it: some new curves, roads, shades, etc. and it is never  boring, every inch of it is different and unique. What is the best about any fabric design you make - you can not repeat it ever again! I start with white fabric. Then layer different colors on it while shibori and re-shibori on the pipe. here is the result. (next time will take pictures of the actual process) here I mixed orangy-yellow with brown and my red is not just red - it is mixture of salmon red and flamingo pink :) ho!
the school is over. over probably 2 weeks ago. but I am keep working, working - never stop. here is my last creation, just finished yesterday, shipping today- my flowers will  decorate SavvyGirl boutique in Miami!  LOVE globalization!!!!!AAAA was such a pleasure to realize that somebody likes my flowers so much that they are ready to pay for them! :) yeeeeeeeei! enjoyed working on this project!!!!

in the process

the end  result